Fashion Designer Classes

Get trained by Debby Classique Fashion

At Debby Classique Fashion Class, you will acquire the knowledge and skills you need in the field of fashion design.

Become a Professional fashion designer.

Lean professional design and be a fashion designer In 6 months, we will help you achieve your goals.

3 Month Basic Program

* Learn all the basic knowledge for Fashion and Designing

* FASHION sketching and illustrations

* Fabrics and Colors

* How to take measurements for any style

* How to divide and plus your measurements for all style, before you cute the fabric

* Identify the human body parts for measurements

* Lean how to cut starting from the simple styles.

*Patterns making

*How to Trade your machine and usage.

* Will receive a free copy of Debby Classique Fashion Brochure.

You most learn, practice and achieve to design and sew within the 3 months program.




* Complete the Basic training within the first week of start.

* Fashion styling

* Detailed Fashion Designing

* Styling and sewing.

* Fashion entrepreneurship

* Advance pattern making

* Acquire a fashion designer certificate By DCFS DEBBY CLASSIQUE FASHION SCHOOL 


Start your fashion career and get trained by a 27 years experienced fashion designer. 

Be your own BOSS. At Debby Classique Fashion School, we believe you can do it.

We help you achieve it.

Debby Classique Online Fashion Class.